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POS (Point of Sale) – UAE

Looking for POS services such as (Inventory Management, Restaurant POS, HR Payroll or Payment Software, etc.)

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Along with digital marketing services, MACCUS is also specialized in POS hardware and software.

  • Hardware: Get the best easy management system for your business in affordable price.
  • Software: Get desired POS based software for your business actions.
Billing & Order Processing

Scan products, different payment methods, generate sale invoice & email invoice to customer.

Sales Monitor & Reporting

Generate SALES report, capture sales trend & insights on stock management.

Inventory Management

Adjust your store / business stock in a easy management way.

Employee Management

Get details on your business staff data for example, hours, days attendance and there sales report.

Better Customer Management

By having a POS system, it is possible to document your customers’ information in your system.

Better Security

The security of a company’s data is very important. With POS it's possible.

mPOS (Mobile POS)

A mobile POS or mPOS uses in a smartphone or tablet with a credit card reader & barcode scanner as optional. These systems are best suited for small business.


Terminal POS is a hardware or software which includes barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer & credit card reader for payments. These are best for retail business.

Cloud POS

Cloud POS is web based app which need internet access, this CLOUD based POS can be used with any of your device. These systems have all the functionalities of a terminal POS